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The necessity of high-precision output of Led driver!

Release time: 2019-05-05
As more and more LED luminaires are widely used indoors, people are increasingly demanding lighting. In order to achieve uniform illumination in the area, high-precision led drive power must be used in indoor lighting.
Taking office lighting as an example, people are consistently looking for a lighting system that has a very consistent output when the light is at 100% brightness or at 1% brightness.
It is well known that the luminance of an LED is generally proportional to the current of the driving power source. Therefore, in order to keep the optical output of the lighting system of different lamps kept constant, we must make the output current of the LED driver power supply as consistent as possible.
Current mainstream LED driver current accuracy is +/- 5%, which is sufficient for most locations that do not require dimming. However, if the light dims to 10%, the effect will be obvious. For example, a conventional 700mA drive power supply is dimmed to 10%, 70mA, you will see that some of the lights are 90mA, and some of the lights are 60mA. If there is no good quality in the lighting system, the synchronous output of the led drive power, people can perceive these differences with the naked eye, then this project is a failure.
Mingshida Power Supply has been committed to improving the quality of LED drive power and lighting in intelligent control lighting systems. We guarantee the accuracy of this function through internal automatic closed-loop feedback technology. In addition, in our product design and manufacturing, we use high-precision current sampling resistors and advanced error amplifiers to ensure that offset errors are minimized. Therefore, the output precision of the LED driving power supply reaches an ideal value.

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