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    Address:5F building G,zhongnangang industrial city,Liguang community,Guanlan,Longhua new district,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China.

    Corporate culture
    Our mission:
    To be the leader as one of chinese enterprises among the world.
    Our tenet:
    Focus not only on theory,but also on practice,profession,to help clients solve technical problems efficiently.
    Our spirit:
    Be united as one to do business in integrity,and grow up together with customers.
    Our style:
    Keep our promises,NO excuse;keep obedient and never give up.
    Our value:
    Everything is based on customers' value;
    Rules first,leadship second;
    Always keep aggressive and fight for the NO.1;
    Be united to work invincibly as one;
    Behave with grateful heart,and win the respect with love;
    Be responsible for ourselves,for enterprise,for society.

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