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Q:Features of our products

Ans:Features of Bright Star's LED driver:
1)Constant power adjustable;
2)A variety of dimming mode Zigbee/TRIAC/0/1-10V/PWMDALI/PUSH;
3)Outdoor Lightning protection: L-N 6KV,L-N-G 10KV;
4)High efficiency>90%, high power factor>0.95;
5)Low THD(<10%);
6)IP67 waterproof protection;
7)All round protection: OCP,OVP,OTP,OLP,SC;
8)Comply with global safety standards/EMC/RoHS standards
9)Applications: LED street lamp, tunnel lamp, mining lamp, landscape lighting, etc.

Q:Why LED need the good quality led driver?

Ans:The led driver plays an very important role in the life-span of the LED lights. Due to imperfect protection, low constant current precision and large current fluctuation design, the bad quality led drivers cause damage to the led chip. So led driving power supply is the key of led lamps and lanterns. So the led power driver must be designed to meet the requirements of severe working environment and high maintenance cost of led lighting system. This will save money and make sure the led lights have the best working function and life-span.

Q:What caused the low quality led driver.

Ans:1.Low quality design and manufacture from non-professional led driver factory workshop (No QC dept, limited production ability).
2.The led driver design do not according to the worse working environment as below:
a. Working tem -40-70℃;
b. Low quality waterproof design;
c. Do not meet the Surge protection.

Q:What is PF? What is PFC? Why we need high PF led driver?

Ans:PF is the abbreviation for Power Factor, which is the ratio of active power to apparent power; PFC stands for Power Factor Correction;
Advantages High power factor: 1) reduce current THD; 2) increase power system capacity; 3) reduce line losses and save energy, 3)Reduce the pollution to the Power Grid.

Q: What’s the MTBF?

Ans:MTBF is Mean Time Between Failures(also called average failure time) , which is the important standard to measure the reliability of products. MTBF’S value can be calculated correctly when a certain number of products have used for certain time.

Q:IP degreed.

Ans:IP40 and IP 20 design is for indoor application, IP67 is for outdoor application.

Q:Advantages of constant power led driver.

Ans:Constant output power driver means that the output current of the driver is adjustable. At the same time, the output voltage of the driver can automatically adjust the applicable output range according to the set output current, thereby ensuring that the output power of the driver is constant.
Advantages: Short delivery time, save purchase cost and better quality.

Q:How to guarantee the quality and stability of LED driver.



电解电容, IC,功率半导体、磁性元件等。


Q:The advantages of high efficiency led driver

Ans:High efficiency can save the energy and cost for LED lighting system, High efficiency have the following advantages:
1.Save energy, long life-span for the led driver;
2.Good for the life-span of led chips;
3.Lower defective rate, lower repair cost

Q:Why does the outdoor led driver need silicone gel potted?

Ans:1.With silicone gel inside the led driver will have better waterproof function, the silicone against the water and moisture come into the driver;
2.The silicone gel good for heat dissipation compared epoxy resin and it can dissipate the heat from components.
3.Silicone gel has the low and high temperature resistance function, so outdoor led driver with silicone gel inside can be use in hot and cold environment.

Q:The outdoor LED lights have waterproof design. Can the LED driver without silicone gel potted?

Ans:No. The silicone gel potted driver not only have the waterproof led driver but also have the heat dissipation function which can reduce the heat of the components. In this way, the silicone gel potted led driver have longer life-span and more stable compared with open frame design.

Q:can the high quality traditional industrial power supply be used as an LED power source? (outdoor)

Ans:The tradition of high quality industrial power supply can't replace the LED driver power supply:
1.Traditional industrial power supply design without the lightning protection and waterproof design;
2.The industrial power supplies do not meet the heat dissipation design of the LEDS.

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