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How to improve the efficiency of LED driver?

Release time: 2019-04-30


In general, engineers often optimize the electronic transformer parameter design to improve the efficiency of the LED drive power supply and reduce the eddy current loss caused by ringing. But is there any related skill besides this? Now I have collected and sorted out some tips for improving the efficiency of LED driver power supply. I hope I can give you some reference.
1. The main current loop PCB is as short as possible. The experience and layout of LAYPCB is mainly to learn from excellent peers.
2. Optimize the transformer parameter design to reduce the eddy current loss caused by ringing. This is more difficult. First of all, we must master the basic knowledge of electromagnetics and design a reasonable transformer. The most important thing is patience. Even if we think of improving the efficiency by 0.5%, we must try it.
3. Reasonable selection of switching devices. This is the balance between cost and performance, what kind of customer requirements, what kind of device to use, but reasonable. If you want efficiency, there is no doubt COOL MOS, low VF output diode.
4. Input EMI part optimization design If you have passed the safety regulations, this part is more studied, mainly the experience.
5. Initially, high-efficiency topology structures, such as PWM and QR PFM, should be selected. Currently, when customers ask for efficiency requirements, it is necessary to evaluate which topology to choose.
6. A good electrolytic capacitor should be chosen, and the loss of inferior electrolyte is very large.
7. Under the premise of starting part of the power consumption design efficiency, it is necessary to consider that many chips currently have HV start pins, and the starting current is also getting lower and lower. This is to know more about the new devices. Of course, there are also non-destructive startup of the external circuit, etc., I think it is not suitable for LED driver.
8. We can see the chip-assisted power supply optimization. In the L6562D application documentation of ST, it is pointed out that 15V is the best, but the LED is generally a wide voltage output, so my choice is to add a linear regulator to make the chip work. 15V to reduce losses.

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